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Wherever you are on your animation journey, Into Animation can help.

A clear path to learning character animation

Behind the scenes of 3D animation

Incorporating aspects of art, design, acting, and filmmaking, 3D character animation can be a complex skill to master.

But, broken down in the right way, animation doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Into Animation training is designed with beginners in mind, teaching you everything you need to know, when you need to know it.

3 ways to learn

Professional animation workflows

Behind the scenes of 3D animation

Not all animation courses are taught by experienced professionals.

One of the hardest things to find when you are starting out is information about how animation is really done within a studio environment.

The methods and workflows that I demonstrate are those that I have both used and taught throughout my long career as an animator and animation director.

Flexible Learning

Unlike traditional and online animation schools which are tied to terms with fixed start dates and durations, with Into Animation, you can start learning today and progress at a pace which suits both you and your lifestyle.

Unique characters

Great characters are central to creating appealing animation.

All Into Animation characters are uniquely designed to provide you with the controls and flexibility you need to create appealing animation.

A 3D alien character playing golf

Project based learning

A 3D fish underwater

Into Animation courses don’t just cover the theory.

The only way to truly learn how to animate is by putting theory into practice.

Every course features dedicated projects, carefully designed to allow you to get animating and start seeing real results as quickly as possible.

Affordable animation training

Most animation courses are expensive. Really expensive.

Into Animation is designed to be different.

The articles and tutorials on this website are provided free of charge. They'll help you to get started and to decide if animation is something that you wish to pursue.

Once you're ready to learn more, Into Animation courses offer high-quality, professional, character animation training at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Free animation software

There’s no point having affordable training if the software required is prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the case with the industry standard software Maya.

The Into Animation program is intentionally based around the free, open source, software Blender.

Whilst it may seem to make sense to learn the industry standard software, it’s far from essential as I explain in the article "Which software should you learn for 3D animation".

Blender logo

If you’re ready to learn the art of 3D Character Animation, choose your first course and get started today!

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