Accelerate your animation journey

Whether you’re struggling with certain principles, trying to build a showreel, or you’re working on a personal short film, an Into Animation One-on-One Mentorship is 100% tailored to your needs.

The benefits of a One-on-One Mentorship

When trying to improve your animation skills, one of the fastest ways to progress is by seeking professional feedback.

We all become blinded by our own work and struggle to see where, or how, it can be improved. An experienced mentor can quickly focus in on what’s working well and what still needs attention. They can provide guidance on how best to improve your work whilst sharing professional workflows which will help you get better results, faster.

If you’re serious about improving your animation, get the specific help you need to achieve your goals.

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"I recently completed a four-session mentorship with John and found it incredibly helpful.

Learning 3D is hard and there are so many things to think about but John is an excellent teacher and is very patient.

Each session was tailored to what I was trying to achieve and I’m so pleased with my progress in a short space of time. I’ve come away with a much better working process.

Highly recommended."

Andrew English - Digital Designer

What’s the difference between a one-on-one mentorship and a mentored course?

There are a number of online animation schools offering mentored courses but these are very different to a one-on-one mentorship.

Mentored courses run with small classes of students and follow a set curriculum. Whilst you do get professional feedback, the exercises you complete, and the pace you move through the course, are predefined.

With a one-on-one animation mentorship, everything is tailored towards your specific needs. The work you complete, and the pace you move at, are entirely based upon your skill level, personal situation, and individual requirements.

It’s all about you!

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Meet your mentor

"Hi, I'm John Knowles!"

As an animator and animation director with over fifteen years of industry experience, I’m able to provide assistance in a wide range of different areas depending on your needs.

Over the years I've mentored many animators, both students and working professionals, many of whom are now employed at top feature animation studios.

As an animation director, I was also responsible for building my teams. This means that, in addition to answering your animation or workflow related questions, I can also provide valuable insights into what studios are looking for when recruiting.

Whether you’re working on a personal project, assembling a showreel, applying for jobs, or looking to progress your career, I can help you to take the next steps.

Ready to get started?

  • 4 weeks of One-on-One Mentorship sessions
  • 1 hour video call per week
  • Half hour introduction session to discuss goals and objectives.
  • A personalised plan of action.
  • Session times designed to fit around your schedule/time zone.
  • Email support between sessions to ask questions or assist with technical issues.

How does it work?

Initially we’ll arrange a free introductory call of around half an hour to discuss your goals for the mentorship, answer any questions you may have, and simply get to know each other.

After that, if you decide to go ahead with the mentorship, I’ll prepare a plan of action based upon our initial discussion.

Mentorships can be booked in four week blocks with a 1 hour video call each week. The day and time for this will be arranged to best fit with your schedule and time zone.

Since the aim of the mentorship is to be 100% focussed on your specific needs, there is no set plan for the work to be completed. This is something we would discuss, and agree upon, during our initial meeting.

The duration of four weeks is intended to be long enough to make meaningful progress towards your goals, whilst providing several rounds of feedback, and giving you the maximum chance of seeing improvement.

Whilst the pricing is based upon this block of 4 sessions, I‘m happy to tailor this to your needs if required.

Each week, you would send any work-in-progress the night before we meet so that I can review it ahead of our session and ensure we make the best use of our time.

During the weekly calls we’ll discuss your work and I’ll provide suggestions, draw overs, or demonstrations as required. You’re free to ask any questions that you choose and we’ll end the session by agreeing a plan of action for the week ahead.

Between sessions you’re welcome to email me with questions at any time and I‘ll respond as quickly as possible.

Apply for a mentorship

If you’d like to apply for a mentorship, the next thing to do is complete the application form below, providing some initial information to help me assess how best I can assist you.

Since places are limited, I will only offer mentorships to those who I feel I can provide the most assistance. I will, however, respond to all enquiries and may recommend alternatives if I’m not able to take you on at this time.

Payment for the mentorship is only required following the initial meeting and you’re free to cancel at any point.

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