1 - Foundations, 2 - Mechanics, 3 - Performance, Electives

Start your animation journey

Into Animation is designed to take a complete beginner with no animation experience and pass on the skills and knowledge used by professional animators to create believable and entertaining characters which come to life on screen.

By following a clear path with classes which build upon each other, you will learn everything you need to know, when you need to know it.


First Steps.

Get started learning animation the right way.

Even if you know a little about animation already, this introduction is well worth a look before proceeding with any of the classes.

A pile of animation books

Learn the Software.

There’s no escaping it, to animate you will need to learn some software, but you don’t need to know everything, just the essentials which relate to your role as an animator.

A simple 3D scene

Animation Principles.

Learn the fundamental principles which form the solid foundation on which all good character animation is created.

A 3D alien character playing golf

Character Design Essentials.

Learn the essential skills to start designing simple and appealing characters of your own.

Fish character designs

Character Modelling Essentials.

Learn the essential modelling skills to start building appealing characters of your own.

A 3D fish

Character Animation Essentials.

Learn how to create a simple character rig before bringing it to life with fun and expressive animation.

A 3D fish underwater

Character Sculpting Essentials.

Learn how to sculpt a simple character.

A 3D seahorse