A 3D Seahorse

Character Sculpting Essentials

3d sculpting is both a fun and intuitive way to create characters in 3D.

This class is designed to teach you the essential 3d sculpting skills you need to get started.

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  • Class duration: 3h 34m
  • Number of lessons: 27
  • Software used: Blender
  • Prerequisites: Basic Blender Skills
  • Self paced learning

"This is an amazing introduction class to sculpting in Blender, 100% recommend this!"

Cain McMillan

(Student Feedback - Into the Ocean: Character Sculpting Essentials)

About the class.

3D sculpting offers a fast and intuitive way to translate a character design into 3d either for use within an animation or as a standalone illustration.

In this class, I’ll be covering everything you need to know as a beginner taking your first steps in 3D sculpting.

At its most basic level, 3d sculpting is very accessible but it also comes with a number of complexities which can create confusion for beginners. To start with, the number of available brushes can be overwhelming. Which do you need to use and why? And then there are the technical elements like dynamic topology and remeshing to understand.

I’ll be covering everything in this class in a logical way which gradually builds in complexity as you gain knowledge and confidence with the various tools.

We’ll start out by sculpting a simple rock to get comfortable with the basic concepts.

Once that is complete, we’ll move on to sculpt two different types of coral which will each introduce additional tools and techniques.

You’ll then be ready to put your new skills to use as we sculpt a cute seahorse character based upon my provided design.

Finally, we’ll bring all of the elements together to assemble our final scene and render the end result.

Selected student work.

Examples of 3D seahorse sculpts

This is just a small selection of the many projects submitted by students of this class.

These examples illustrate some of the ways that students choose to put their own creative spin on the exercises from the class.

"This class is a stellar intro to sculpting with Blender. I've been using Blender since about 2015, and have been avoiding this integral part of the program. But now I feel better equipped to explore other sculpting projects."

Nick Schnitzer

(Student Feedback - Into the Ocean: Character Sculpting Essentials)

What you will learn.

This class covers all of the essential brushes and techniques required to get you sculpting quickly in 3d.

You will learn how to start sculpting from various primitive objects or from more detailed base meshes.

We cover sculpting at different resolutions and how to adjust them using techniques such as Dyntopo (Dynamic Topology), and Remeshing.

You will also learn how to translate a 2d design into 3d.

By the end of this class, you will have all the skills necessary to sculpt simple characters and environments of your own.

Behind the scenes of 3D sculpting

Good to know.

Blender logo

This is a beginner level class using the free 3D software application Blender.

No prior sculpting experience is required but a familiarity of Blender’s interface would be very helpful.

If you are new to Blender, I would recommend starting out with my Blender Essentials for Animators class, which will provide a solid foundation to build on.

I have provided my seahorse design for you to use but, if you would like to model a character based upon your own design, consider starting out with my Character Design Essentials class.

The Blender software application can be downloaded for free from: blender.org

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