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Character Animation Fundamentals

Character animation can be a fun hobby or an exciting and rewarding career.

Whichever path you wish to follow, this class will teach you the essential skills you need to get started.

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  • Class duration: 4h 19m
  • Number of lessons: 41
  • Software used: Blender
  • Prerequisites: Basic Blender Skills
  • Self paced learning

"One of the best animation courses to get started in Blender by far. The teacher does an amazing job of explaining the principals of animation with fun unique styles."


(Student Feedback - Into Animation: Character Animation Fundamentals)

About the class.

Animation combines many aspects of art, design, and filmmaking into one exciting medium. This complexity can make it both time consuming and difficult to learn.

This class aims to demystify the fundamental principles on which quality character animation is based, enabling you to create believable characters, and giving you a solid foundation on which to continue to learn and grow.

Selected student work.

Examples of simple 3D animation

This is just a small selection of the many projects submitted by students of this class.

These examples illustrate some of the ways that students choose to put their own creative spin on the exercises from the class.

"This class really teaches you how to animate a character, after this class you are pretty much good to go for making your own animations. It's the best class I have seen, very well done!
I would 100% recommend this class"

Day Knight

(Student Feedback - Into Animation: Character Animation Fundamentals)

What you will learn.

By the end of this class, you will have gained a solid understanding of the 12 Principles of Animation and how to apply them to your own character animation.

Once you are familiar with the 12 Principles of Animation, you will apply your freshly gained knowledge to the classic animation exercise, the bouncing ball.

Building upon what we learn with the bouncing ball, our second exercise starts to introduce some character with a fun and simple, looping, bouncy bird animation.

With these initial exercises complete, you will go on to create your first true character animation. A fun, animation of a character jump using the provided character.

Behind the scenes of 3D animation

Good to know.

Blender logo

Throughout this class we shall be using the 3D software application Blender which can be downloaded for free from: blender.org

If you are not already familiar with Blender then I would highly recommend that you start out with my Blender Essentials for Animators class, which will teach you everything you need to follow along.

This class was created in Blender 2.9 and has been updated to be fully compatible with Blender 3 or higher.

This class is all about bringing characters to life so you will be working with a prebuilt character rig which is provided with the class. This class does not cover character modelling or rigging since these are complex topics which require in depth classes of their own.

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Hi, I'm John!

Before building Into Animation I worked as an animator and animation director in children's television for over 15 years.

I love animation and my goal is to give you the best start possible in this exciting and rewarding craft.

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