Procreate Dreams

Take a first look at the new animation software coming to iPad in November 2023.

If you own an iPad and are at all interested in digital art, there’s a fair chance that you are at least aware of Procreate. Used by amateurs and professionals alike, for many artists it is now their main digital painting application.

Due to the popularity of Procreate, there was a lot of interest recently when it was revealed that they were announcing something new.

Their new app, due to launch in November, is titled Procreate Dreams and is a dedicated 2D animation app for iPad.

A number of artists were given access to a pre-release version of the app and the feedback so far is sounding extremely positive.

Procreate Dreams will make use of the same brush engine as Procreate meaning that any existing Procreate brushes can be used in the app. That, coupled with a familiar interface and a very affordable price tag is likely to make Procreate Dreams appealing to a large number of artists who have not necessarily tried animation before.

Whilst it has been possible to make some simple animation within Procreate for a while now, it appears that the tools available within Procreate Dreams will be far more flexible and robust.

To give an idea of what is possible, former Disney animator Aaron Blaise created an entire short film in the pre-release version of the software.

Whilst there are some affordable options for creating digital 2D animation, such as Blender’s Grease Pencil for example, the best applications are all very expensive. It will therefore be exciting to see the impact of a high quality and affordable tool hitting the market and how much new animation is produced once Procreate Dreams launches in November.


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